The concierge app your hotel needs An innovative platform to inform guests on what their hotel and the city has to offer and allow them to make requests and bookings directly from their mobile
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Get your own hotel concierge app in no time! Cater for all your guests' needs contactless and give them the comfort they deserve

My Hotel Page

Give your guests all the information they need to know about your hotel

My Room

Facilitate your guests by providing all the in-room information they need to know, from Laundry Menu to In Room Dining and more..

Notifications Page

Happy hour starting in 30 minutes? Your guest just returned tired from a full day out? With auto notifications, your guests will be informed about your facilities right at the time they need them the most!


My Restaurants

All your restaurants and their details will be displayed. Entice your guests by adding your menu.

My Facilities

From Spas, Pools to Salons, display your facilities to your guests, along with all the information they need to plan their day


Enhance your revenues at your facilities by filling up those empty seats. Disperse an ad to external users nearby and across the city, where they will get directly notified about your offer on their mobile.

Endorsed by Dubai Tourism
Most Innovative Hospitality Software Solution 2021

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Create your own offers and reach your guests instantly on their mobiles, to fill those empty slots!

Customized Advertising

Be in control of the ads you want users to see. From air time to content management, advertising has never been so easy


Create ads for deals/offers that can be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Modify ads on the fly from minor modifications to even completely halting a campaign

Pin point targeting

Use information provided by app activities to accurately target your audience. From user interests to location tracking and more, the app provides crucial information to target more efficiently

Manage everything online

  • Web Management Console: Update all your hotel information in real time, like restaurant menus, facility pictures and so much more.

  • Web Bookings Dashboard: Address all your guests' needs instantly

  • Customer insight: Dive into periodic statistics to better understand your guests and continuously enhance your advertising strategy